Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Instagram

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Instagram

Companies put a lot of effort into making sure that they have a strong online presence. This is essential in this day and age, so they amp up digital marketing efforts through a variety of strategies. These strategies include online advertising and utilizing marketplaces like Click2sell.co, ClickBank, and others, content marketing and SEO, social media marketing, PPC, etc. Many brands spend a lot on paid advertising methods on social media, intending to generate leads and sales.

Instagram has become a huge and significant social media marketing platform and a powerful tool to reach business goals. One of the main goals of having an Instagram account is to drive traffic to a business’s website or landing page. Here are some sure-fire tried and tested ways on how to drive traffic to your website from Instagram:    

  1. Optimize the link in your bio.

The link in your bio is crucial, and it should be used wisely. The phrase ‘click the link in the bio’ may seem trite and overused, but it is still very effective. The link’s primary purpose is to send your Instagram followers to a significant page on your website. It could be a blog’s page, homepage, landing page, product page, or wherever you want to drive traffic to. Try to direct people to this link by using creative and engaging calls-to-action in your Instagram post captions. One common way of increasing revenue is to update the link and change it periodically.

  1. Use Instagram stories.

Using engaging Instagram stories is a powerful strategy to make your followers click through to your website. This works well, especially if you have a new blog post or if you’re launching a new product. An effective way of doing this is building anticipation by gradually teasing your followers through Instagram stories for a certain period of time. Let your followers know what’s coming next and when it’s going live. Instagram stories help you engage with your audience through features such as filters, boomerangs, GIFs, location tags, and stickers. The best tactic for this is helping your followers understand that by clicking your link, it will answer their question or solve a specific problem they have.

  1. Run an Instagram Ad Campaign

Sponsored ad campaigns on Instagram are clickable, unlike organic posts. This strategy is a simple yet effective method to drive traffic to your website or landing page. A user can click the ad, and then he/she will be directed to the relevant web page. Instagram also adds an excellent “Learn More” clickable button, which will help you increase the click-through rate (CTR). When creating Instagram ads, you can use a combination of Facebook targeting options such as age, gender, education level, workplace, job title, location, relationship status, etc. Other helpful targeting options are interests, hobbies, and behaviors based on purchase history and device usage.

  1. Use the Shopping feature.

The Shopping feature on Instagram allows you to tag your products directly in organic photos. The idea behind this is to allow the users to click on the product’s image where they are shown a short description of it, including the price, item name, and other relevant information. Users are given a choice to click-through directly to the website or sales page and make a purchase.

Driving traffic to your business website with your Instagram account takes a lot of work and effort, but the quality of traffic that you get will be well worth the effort.

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