What is the Hair Transplant Black Market?

What is the Hair Transplant Black Market?

Baldness used to be a major source of concern for many men a few years ago. However the advent of hair transplantation has changed that. Hair transplant is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in Bangalore and the world. This has enabled men to lead fuller lives full of confidence.

Why did hair transplant become so popular in Bangalore?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is safe, effective, relatively simple and can be performed with little disruption to your schedule. It is done under local anaesthesia, as a day care procedure. For all these reasons, it has become so popular.

It is by nature a relatively simple process. Hairs are harvested from the back of the head and implanted in the bald area. As this is a repetitive and time-consuming process, it is done by a team headed by a doctor and consisting of nurses/technicians. The best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore often employ multiple teams. The reason a team is needed is that the procedure should be done as quickly as possible to achieve the best results.

Where does the black market come in?

Unfortunately, as this procedure is not too technically demanding, many technicians started doing the process by themselves without a doctor being present. They do this at cut-throat prices, in less than ideal surroundings, with little safety protocols. There is little regulation oversight for this.

One other factor is that the result of a hair transplant is evident only after a few months.

Why should a trained doctor be present during the hair transplant?

There are two aspects to this;

The first is regarding the safety of the procedure. While hair transplant is comparatively minor and safe, it is still a surgical procedure. If a patient has underlying illnesses, or develops an allergic reaction to a drug, or any other untoward incident, there must be adequate personnel and safety protocols to prevent and treat the same. In the absence of a trained doctor, you might be risking your life.

The second is regarding the outcome of the surgery itself. A doctor well versed in hair transplantation is aware of what to do and what not to do. There are limits to what hair transplant can achieve. If not done correctly, not only will you not get a result or bet a botched job, but you might end up damaging your donor area and make it more difficult to fix later on.

How can I avoid being duped by the black market?

  1. Be suspicious of very low prices. A non-medical professional will be willing to do this procedure at prices that seem too good to be true.
  2. Always insist on meeting the doctor that performs the surgery.
  3. Check the doctor’s credentials. The only doctors allowed to perform this procedure are dermatologists, plastic surgeons and ENT surgeons.
  4. Check the doctors experience in hair transplantation.
  5. During the procedure, ensure the doctor is involved in all parts of the surgery.

Even if it is a relatively safe, you should be very careful about the procedure. Minor issues can lead to disastrous situations later in life. And since the results are not visible immediately, it’s easy to get duped with overt promises made by the unreliable surgeons. Search for the best doctor for hair transplant in India before undergoing hair transplant surgery.

With these tips, you should be able to avoid falling prey to the black market and have the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore. Remember, when your health is concerned, do not compromise!

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