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What Makes A Good Rummy Teacher?

A good rummy teacher needs many qualities of a good human being. Apart from this, he also needs to understand what principles are required to succeed in rummy or in life. We have listed out some common things you find in all good rummy teachers:


This is one key ingredient that makes up most good teachers. It does not matter which field the teacher is teaching in or which subject he is handling. He must possess enough patience. A good rummy card game teacher should know that mistakes are part of learning process. He should not dissuade the learner seeing him play the wrong cards. Instead, he should patiently explain why playing some other card would have been better.

The Willingness to Appreciate

Some pupils know the right way as it is instinctive to them. You need to appreciate when a pupil plays the right moves at the very start. You must also explain why the move was a right move because sometimes it comes naturally and the player may not know the reason governing the move.

To Give the Pupil A Chance

It is true that you are the teacher and you possess expertise in the game. This does not mean that the pupil lacks ability or skills. That is why you need to give the pupil a chance to show his ability in playing a game well. Give him opportunities to show his skills. Invite him to even and tournaments. These eventually add to the pupil’s confidence. One needs to possess good share of confidence in order to succeed in a game of rummy or in the game of life. A good teacher of the game would work on this aspect too.

To Teach Winning is Not All

It is true that the final aim of any player is to win in an Indian rummy game. However, as a teacher of the game you should highlight the fact that playing is a constant learning process. You need to teach the pupil that to win or lose is simply the consequence resulting from how you play the game. Playing the game in the correct fashion is what the student of the game needs to learn first. This is the simplest way to succeed in the toughest matches of rummy.

To Clarify the Need to Pass

Many students learn the game well yet lose eventually because of a bad hand. This is because they hesitate to quit a game at the beginning or midway through the game. As a teacher, you need to teach the pupil the significance of passing when the hand does not seem conducive for a victory. It is true that you lose some points when you pass a game but it avoids the probability of a full hand and losing all the points in hand.

To Teach Organising Skills

Organising skills matter much even in our day to day life. Even as you work in an office, your boss may expect you to be well organised. This is one skill that can be enhanced further with proper rummy training. When your pupil understands the significance of arranging cards in proper order inorder to plan the moves correctly, he will know why organising is important.

Encourage pupils to play rummy online to practice skills through the Khelplay Rummy app.

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