What Makes A Kitchen Work

What Makes A Kitchen Work

The kitchen is one of the business and most hazardous rooms in any home or apartment. Despite dedicated kitchens receiving less footfall than rooms like the living room, the busy often rushed environment in the kitchen makes it one of the biggest flight risk for accidents.

This being the case all home owners should take every possible detail into account when designing their perfect kitchen. However, what is it that goes into creating the perfect kitchen design, bringing together a practical and functional layout with a stylish touch.

1. Efficient Design

This first area is particularly key to any home renovation project. The kitchen is a fast moving and often (depending on what’s happening) chaotic to boot. Therefore, you should aim to make your new kitchen design as efficient as possible.

This means ensuring that you have easy to access storage for utensils, condiments and ingredients. Another way to ensure efficiency is to plan the new kitchen around your needs and routine. How many people will be in the kitchen at any one time, what is your routine in the kitchen?

Planning your kitchen design around these factors will enable you to have an efficient and practical kitchen, reducing accidents and making meal preparation an even more fruitful experience.

2. Easy to Maintain

So once you have decided on the layout of your kitchen then the next factor to take into account is how easy your kitchen will be to maintain. This boils down to not just layout but what work surfaces, storage methods and flooring that you have in your kitchen.

The floor is a particular sticking point, as many kitchen worktops are designed to meet the demands of everyday kitchen life. However, there are very few flooring options available which are designed specifically to meet the needs of a kitchen.

In this instance it is best to go with a versatile floor for your kitchen, one that blends style, practicality and user friendliness.

The options in this case would be vinyl flooring, tiled flooring or some durable and versatile high gloss laminate flooring.

Each of these options are easy to install and relatively easy to clean and maintain, meaning spillages can easily be dealt with.

3. A safe environment for all

Kitchens as already mentioned are hazardous places, especially for younger members of the family. Therefore, promoting a safe environment for all members of the family will help in creating an efficient and functional kitchen area.

There are many ways to go about improving safety in the kitchen. The first of these is through storage. This was mentioned earlier under the efficiency point; however, this can also promote safety. Having snacks and other treats stored in easy to access locations means there is less chance for, bumps and bruises when grabbing a snack.

Also having the snack storage placed far away from the cooker and other dangerous utensils will also promote a safe and positive environment.

On that point keeping knifes and other potentially dangerous utensils out of reach of little hands is a must for any responsible homeowner. Therefore, taking advantage of high up storage spaces and racks can help keep the risk at bay.

Combining all of these elements is the best way to get a comfortable, usable and efficient kitchen that benefits you and your whole family.

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