What Makes Chennai The Top Place For Professional Services?

What Makes Chennai The Top Place For Professional Services?

Often there are many professionals in many cities, including Chennai, but what makes it more difficult for people to avail professional services there?

  1. Language barrier: There are a very few professionals who would converse in anything but Tamil which makes it difficult to get professionals, although people often learn Tamil, but it may take quite some time and until then you can be out of luck, you might get professionals in a field or two that might speak in Hindi/English, but what about the rest?
  2. Unfamiliarity with tariff: This is not only an area specific but a worldwide problem and rates vary from city, location etc. Even autos have a difference in tariff as per the city, so it is natural to have variation in other sectors including the field of professional services.
  3. Different analogy: Again with many other cities, it can cripple your budget, like how in Mumbai people measure the size of flats in sq-ft, whereas in Delhi there is a different scale, similarly different services are scaled differently.

Chennai, being a metro city has a vast population, yet the one with great opportunity, primarily because of the language barrier. There are companies racing ahead to meet the challenges and explore a tremendous opportunity.

One of them is UrbanClap India, a company that selected Chennai as the fourth city in India after its successful steak in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The company provides over 50 professional services that include – Corporate event photography, Home Cleaning services, makeup artist, packers and movers in Chennai etc. to name a few. The best and the most recommend is packers and movers in Chennai.

The UrbanClap company has always targeted a distinct part of India, like, after Delhi, it targeted west (Mumbai) and then subsequently chose to move into south India (Bangalore), so it was quite likely that it would pick up something in east India (Kolkata), but the company chose Chennai, in spite of Hyderabad and for an obvious reason – growth, and getting more number of people under the service net.

Chennai has an impressive 9.12 million inhabitants with the most unorganized sector, so while Urban looks to expand in 15 other cities, it first opted for Chennai.   

That just explains how much important people are attaching to Chennai and yet again it looks set to drive growth in south India.  

In the 20th century, Chennai was dominant, yet Bangalore overtook it, with unprecedented growth in the local economy and it turned out to be a magnet of foreign investment, but it looks like Chennai is still in the race.

For those who migrate to Chennai, UrbanClap looks like a great option, run by alumni of the esteemed Indian Institute of technology, UrbanClap has featured in Indian as well as International media, and has been a daring of investors, recently it UrbanClap raised about $10 million, making it one of the very high-value company in professional services.

It is highly likely that applications like this are bound to change the landscape of the professional services in Chennai where such services are needed the most and moreover, apps like UrbanClap works on a zero fee model, where they don’t charge neither user nor the provider any sort of  fee, thereby making it a completely free app.

UrbanClap review among the users in the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore are very positive and now it is taking small yet significant steps to take on the most lucrative yet underrated markets in India.

It is easy to do business in Chennai, but the challenges in small towns are enormous, and hence the greatest challenge that any company would face would be a growing multilingual user base. Currently, UrbanClap is available in English only, but it would be interesting to see, whether they would include Multilanguage support to cater to more people.

You can get UrbanClap from Google Play or App store and start searching for competent professionals in Chennai.

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