What You Can Expect from A Luxury Hotel

Why do people spend hundreds of extra pounds on luxury hotels when they can get accommodation in a simple hotel at a much cheaper price? It’s quite simple – because they don’t want to compromise on their convenience and amenities. So, when you are paying a decent amount of money to a hotel for its luxury tag, you do have the right to expect a higher standard in terms of good service, well maintained and well-conditioned rooms, good dining and other facilities that will simply wow your senses.

So, what are these facilities that you can expect from a luxury hotel?

See the points given below that will help you understand what you will gain from this extravagance-

  1. Fast and easy check-in and check-out

There is nothing as frustrating as waiting in a long line for checking into a hotel after travelling all day long. And if you are a luxury traveller, you will surely hate to wait. For luxury hotels, it should be a key priority to make sure that their customers are not frustrated during their stay at the hotel.

Once you get into the hotel, your luggage should arrive in your room within 10 to 15 minutes of checking in. Also, you should be offered express or video checkout by hotel staff. And if there are any discrepancies with the bill, it should take next to no time to resolve.

  1. A room of your choice

What is the point of paying an exorbitant amount for a room which does not meet with your expectations? A good hotel should give you the option to choose the category of a room as per your needs like if you would prefer a pet-friendly or allergen-free room; whether you’d like a garden, city or sea view; the floor you want – ground, first or high? Whether your room should be away from ice machines and A/C generators; the kind of bed you want – a king size or a twin? –Do you want a balcony, terrace or plunge pool attached; and if your room should be close to the elevator or not?

Apart from all these choices, it must have basic facilities like consistent design, quality furnishing, tasteful wall decor, some aesthetic items that make a stylish statement, designer radiator, and functional and comfortable furniture etc.

  1. Luxury bathrooms

Bathrooms in luxury hotels have now become a subject of pride and scrutiny with several designer components and spacious feel they come with. Bathrooms of luxury hotels should have proper ventilation, a separate sink for his and her, a countertop to place your toiletry, bathtub, designer shower tower. A towel rail near the shower laced with clean fluffy towel won’t hurt either. Make up mirror with enough lights, sufficient racks and hooks for hand laundry and an air freshener to keep the space free from any kind of smell 24/7 are also a must.

  1. Hotel service

When you enter the hotel area, you should be treated in such a way that you feel valued and welcome. The hotel staff should greet its customers with a smile on their face.

When it comes to the housekeeping staff, they must be quiet and gentle. Your maid or housekeeper should not remove anything from your room other than empty bags and bottles, ribbon and gift wrap.

Also, they should not use cleaners with powerful smell or cheap air fresheners and room perfumes. These cleaning standards should be extended not just to your room but also the hotel lobby, corridors, swimming pool, gardens and communal area and restaurants. From a hand wash to room perfumes – all products should reek of lavishness.

These small things add up to the overall standard of a hotel.

  1. Basic things should not be charged

As you are paying quite a bit for your accommodation, all the basic things that are part of your stay apart from your meals should not be charged individually. Things like bottled water, morning tea or coffee, the coffee maker in your room, Wi-Fi, fitness centre, swimming pool, spa and locker room, local phone calls, steam room should be included in the amount you pay for your stay.

So, the next time you book a luxury hotel, make sure you are getting all the facilities you are eligible for. We hope this article will help you establish what you deserve in return for handing your hard earned cash.

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