Why Vaping Is Better For Your Health Than Smoking

Brief History of Smoking:


Since time immemorial, smoking has been considered a lucrative/ ideal pastime activity. For most societies, the smoking culture has been generally accepted and even practiced in almost all areas of public influence including at homes, government buildings, public means of transport and the like.

However, with time, the ripple effect of smoking has gripped many people, and the result is that in as much as there are still some smokers if not a lot of smokers in our society, the dangers of smoking have become more evident and hence the need to correct this activity. Some governments have gone to the extent of banning the smoking of tobacco in public areas due to the effect that it has on people’s health.

So, what exactly is the composition of a tobacco cigarette? It contains Tar, and Nicotine(carcinogens). Nicotine is the substance that leads to addiction whereas Tar is the black soot substance that stains the smoker’s lips, hands, lungs and leads to cancer. For more information on vaping, visit the  leaders in ecigarettes and vaping in the UK  website.


Advantages of Vaping:


1) Combats Addiction.


Nicotine in tobacco cigarettes is the substance that is responsible for addiction. Vaping cigars like the V2 have no or minimal amounts of nicotine in the following order:

  • None – 0mg Nicotine
  • “Extra Light” – 6mg Nicotine
  • “Light” – 12mg Nicotine
  • “Regular” – 18mg Nicotine
  • “High” – 24mg Nicotine

So, as you can see, as compared to tobacco cigarettes that are loaded with nicotine, vaping has much less nicotine hence less addictive and can be used by tobacco addicts to get over their addiction. This has been tested and proved that indeed vaping helps one get over their tobacco addiction.


2)Has No Tar

Another advantage is that it does not have tar, the black soot staining substance that leads to discoloration of teeth, lips, fingers, throats, windpipe, and lungs of an average tobacco smoker. Tar not only does it make one look ugly but also possess a great health risk for a smoker, because in addition to permanent discoloration of organs but also is a great cause of cancer of the throat and lungs among tobacco smokers. But with vaping, all these dangers are avoided, and therefore one gets to recreate themselves without putting themselves in the danger of getting cancer of whatever form that comes from tar, again one can afford to remain good looking with their organs in good shape and original colour like white teeth which is decent and appealing.


3) Comes with Different Flavors

Nothing is more annoying than the awful smell that emanates from the mouths of tobacco smokers especially when they talk to or at us. The smoke from tobacco smoke is almost as annoying as the breath itself. It makes one feel like they are breathing directly from the exhauster of an old vehicle that produces a lot of smoke as the engine starts. With vaping, this is not the case; the e-cigarettes come with various flavors like strawberry, vanilla, etc. Which are not only appealing to the smoker but also to those around them that don’t smoke. These flavors also improve the smoker’s breath which keeps them healthier and more tolerable in the society among the non-smokers. It is no wonder, whereas when smoking has been banned in government buildings, and public means of transport, vaping is allowed in these areas because the scented smoke does not pose any harmful risk to those around. Visit the  leaders in ecigarettes and vaping in the UK  for more information on the advantages of vaping.

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