5 Home Security Solutions For Modern Homes

5 Home Security Solutions For Modern Homes

Selecting security solutions from all the options available now can be a daunting task. Read this post to know the five best solutions for modern homes.

Having a security solution is no longer just a great idea- it is essential. Thanks to the advancements in technologies, there are many different types of solutions to meet the diverse security needs of the homeowners. But with so many different options available, it is not always easy for a homeowner to pick the best.

Go through this list of 5 top security solutions which you can consider for your home-

  1. Video Door Phone

A video door phone or a video intercom allows audio-visual communication with the visitors standing outside your door to ensure that you only open the door for people after verifying their identity. There are now video door phones compatible with multiple door stations, monitors and CCTV cameras to provide enhanced security to your home and your family members.

  1. Access Control System

An access control system controls and manages who is allowed to enter your home. It can identify people who you want to allow access to your home with the help of fingerprints, password, or access cards. Modern control systems can be integrated with other safety solutions like fire systems, intruder alarms, and more.

  1. CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are already very popular in residential as well as commercial spaces in India. This video surveillance solution involves the use of a single or multiple video cameras that are placed at strategic locations throughout the inside and outside of the house for surveillance. The cameras are connected to a single system where you can view the live footage being recorded by the cameras and even record the footage for future reference. There are now systems which send live feed directly to your computer and even mobile phones.

  1. Intruder Alarm System

Intruder alarm systems use cameras and sensors to raise the alarm if the system records any abnormal activity. There are wired and wireless solutions which can protect your home from forced entry through doors and windows, gas leakage, fire, theft, burglary, and other emergency situations.  Some of the companies also have 24×7 monitoring stations to which these systems can be connected for maximum safety and security.

  1. Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are one of the most popular home security solutions to protect your house from fire. They comprise of smoke detectors, fire detectors, heat detectors, call points and the main control panel to which all the components are connected. The system can also be connected to a central monitoring system which can alert the authorities so that help is dispatched in time.

It is your job to protect your loved ones and your beloved home from threats. Thanks to the advanced security solutions, complete vigilance and protection are now easier than ever. Understand the benefits of all the solutions mentioned above and look for a reputed company that offers these solutions to secure your home and family from inside and outside threats.

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