6 Color Trends For 2018 To Brighten Your Wardrobe

6 Color Trends For 2018 To Brighten Your Wardrobe

Trends come and go every year and every season. Where winter is all about grey coats, knee-high boots and magenta color lipsticks, spring, on the other hand, is all about fresh rejuvenating colors, exposed legs, and daisy prints. As soon as winter starts to fade, storefronts transition from a nightmare on elm scene to a more vibrant and Technicolor picture.

With an entire rainbow of colors to choose from, we’re revealing the six must-have color trends for 2018. These colors will inspire you, whether it’s a shade of hue or a monochrome look, there are various ways to rock every color this year.


From the shows of Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford orange is one color that has made a huge comeback this spring in 2018. The shade of orange that we’re all crushing on is as bright as traffic cones and has already appeared on items like; jackets, bags, shoes, and dresses. I am one of those people who does not own any orange, but the revival of this color might convince us to experiment with our wardrobe color scheme.

Women are exploring their options and pairing orange coats with black inners and orange boots with orange skirts. If you can wear black boots on black clothes then why not try the same with orange. Also going monochrome is way easier than trying to match every little piece of your clothing.


Call it whatever you want, but you can’t disagree that mustard, marigold, and lemon all fall under the category of yellow. According to a famous color therapist, yellow is the color of light, so it’s obvious why famous brands including Sophie and Trey, Forever21, and H&M are eager to include it in their spring and summer ‘18 collections, and we suggest you do the same.

The flowery patterns and light colors are sure to grab anyone’s attention. A model on the runway experimented with the color by pairing it with fire red fuzzy heels and making a style statement for everyone who loves to try something new every now and then. If you’re not sure, about rocking this look, then start small. Invest in accessories of similar color to try out the trend. One of the most common ways women like to wear this color is with prints. Pair it up with a pair of sneakers, heels and some jewelry, and you’re a star.


We can’t imagine designing our wardrobe with the latest spring colors and not considering lavender. A couple of designers like Michael Kors and Tom Ford included this color in their ‘18 collections and give us an idea of how to wear these colors this year. The combination of mint and lavender was the most loved look among the street style show. You’ll probably see this color a lot this year. If you don’t have the guts to wear the color on its own, then mix it with other colors. You can always trade a black shirt with a purple one and give your wardrobe a pop of color. However, if you’re bold enough to try new things, we suggest investing in a checkered purple suit set.

Gender Neutrals

One can never go wrong with shades of nude. Neutrals are always making their way on every fashion trend. However, this year this color also appeared on men clothing wear, promoting unisex clothing that anyone can wear. You can fill in your wardrobe with shades of brown, cream and beige to kick-start the trends of 2018. For a formal night event, pair your nude shirt with a black skirt for an appealing look. Designers suggest to purchase a brown coat before the start of winter and pair it up with bright, vibrant colors to make a fashion statement.


Although the craze for pink faded away, the millennial pink is coming back to the runway in 2018. Tom Ford and Valentino incorporated this feminine color into their spring ‘18 collections. One of the funkiest ways to wear this color is to pair it with red- a look that women mastered on the runway.

If you want to rock a street style, then wear a lighter colored pink ruffled skirt and pair it with rugged boots.

Lime Green

Not just any green but significantly lime green represents rejuvenation and new beginnings. Not many people are fond of this shade, but you should always be open to trying new things. Lime green is a refreshing color that reminds us of nature and earthy tones. If you love cool undertones, then pair this vibrant shade with some dark hues like orange, red or maybe a leopard print. And for those who are not too bold, can match it with more saturated colors like, purples, and other shades of green.

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