Large Breed Dogs

All You Need to Know About Caring for Large Breed Dogs

Not all dogs are the same. And that is why different dogs need different care. Although it is difficult to care for any breed of dogs, rearing a large breed, like a golden retriever Dog, has its own unique challenges. Two of the most important aspects that an owner has to look into is health and nutrition. Not much surprisingly, both of these are deeply connected. But these are not the only things that make up your entire care routine for your Labrador or Golden retriever or any other large dog for that matter. Here are some of the things that you need to take care of. Have a look-

  • The first and most important thing to take care of is your dog’s nutrition. As an owner, it is important for you to provide your dog with nutritious food. It would be valuable for you to know that the dietary requirements of large breed dogs are quite specific. That is why you cannot give them a food item that is not meant specifically for them. If you forcefully make a big dog eat something that it is not accustomed to eating or designed to eat, then serious health issues might result.

Offering the right kind of nutrition is not just important for labrador puppies or any other dog in its baby phase; nutrition is extremely important throughout the life of a dog, especially when it is an adolescent. This is the phase when the groundwork for your dog’s health is laid. And therefore, it is during this period that you should offer a diet to your dog which contains the right amount of protein, fat, and Calcium.

Make sure you don’t over-feed your pup. Giving your dog the right amount of food is also extremely important to make sure it has a good overall health. And if your dog loves to gorge in on food, then it would be wise of you to engage it in some exercise so that all the calories that it takes in is put to work.

If you provide a store-bought dog food to your pet then see to it that it is from some premium quality and its nutritional profile is holistic. Make sure the dog food is made of human grade or natural ingredients that are organically grown or USDA approved.

Apart from the right amount and quality of food, your dog also needs to consume probiotics, vitamins, and minerals for optimum health. Make sure your dog consumes enough protein. It’s good to offer at least two sources of high-quality protein to your dog. A lot of large dogs suffer from problems like itchy skin and other allergy symptoms because of food. Even if you do not realize this, dog allergies are an extremely common problem. A dietary imbalance can also lead to yeast infections on the skin of the dog.

If your dog is suffering from some allergy, then it would be wise of you to give it hypoallergenic dog food. If the problem does not end, then take your pet to the vet immediately.

It’s not just the food that needs to be right, even the bowl in which a dog takes its food should also be perfect for meal consumption. Go for an elevated dog bowl as it will make mealtimes extremely comfortable for your dog. It could also save your pet from issues like canine bloat.

  • Large dogs generally tend to put on weight easily because of their higher tendency to eat more. And that is why it is important for you to put your dog on an exercise regime. If you thought exercise is only for human beings, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Even dogs need to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. If you do not have time to watch over your dog exercising, then it would be wise of you to take it for a walk every morning and evening. Long walks taken in the morning and evening are more than sufficient to keep your dog’s overall health intact. Walking will also keep your dog’s heart healthy. There may be huge differences between Labrador and Golden Retrievers, but large dog breeds, in general, are prone to many health issues. So, walking is a must for them. One thing that you will have to remember here is that walking alone is not going to keep your dog healthy; it also needs some amusement to stay mentally fit. Problems like depression and anxiety are not just for human beings, even dogs suffer from them.
  • To make sure your dog doesn’t face any kind of psychological issue, you have to see to it that it has an amusing play time every day. There are many games and toys meant for dogs. You can choose any one of them to keep your dog engaged. Some of the most popular games that dogs play are chase game and frisbee. These games are not just entertaining but they also keep your dog on its toes. As a result, it gets a good exercise for its entire body.
  • Large dogs are also prone to skin diseases. To keep your dog away from this problem, you will have to maintain a good hygiene level for it. Make sure you give your dog a bath daily. And see to it the shampoo you use for it is dog safe. A lot of people use shampoos meant for humans to wash dogs. This is not the right thing to do. There is simply no dearth of dog shampoo varieties in the market. All you need is to pick one based on your preference and budget.

Aren’t these some really important ways to take care of your large breed dog? Well, yes! So, follow them and present your dog a healthy long life. Remember, you are the owner of your dog. And a considerable extent of how your dog leads its life depends on you. Hence, it’s your responsibility to see that your dog doesn’t face any kind of health issue because of your carelessness. Happy petting!

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