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How To Stay Cool This Summer

With every year posting new record highs, those warm sunny days come with a significant challenge: how to stay cool when you’re not within easy reach of a pool or beach.

Thankfully, most offices have air conditioning installed, but if you don’t have AC at home, if it needs to be repaired, or if it’s not keeping up with the demand, then here are some effective solutions to beat the summer heat.

Try peppermint oil. Actually, any essential oil with menthol will do the trick, and spearmint and eucalyptus oil are good alternatives if you find them easier to source or prefer the scent. These trick your body into thinking that it’s cooler, particularly when used directly on the skin. However, be cautious about the concentration. Sensitive skin may be irritated by direct application, so blend with a carrier oil such as almond, coconut or jojoba to moderate the strength.

Switch to linen. Linen is excellent for not holding moisture or heat, so you won’t be clammy or sweltering the same way that you might be in cotton or synthetics. Linen outfits are showing up in many summer collections from fast fashion to high-end boutiques, and it’s also a smart choice for bedding to help keep you cool at night. Linen sheets or duvet covers are a great solution for those who can’t imagine sleeping without being at least a little covered up but get overheated with their normal bedding. Since linen tends toward the pricey side, you can also look for hi-tech synthetic blends that mimic its moisture-wicking, pro-ventilation tendencies.

Speaking of bedding, nighttime is one of the hardest times to cope with the summer heat. Your body is designed to prefer cool temperatures at night and tends to get drowsy as the temperature drops. Plus, in one phase of your sleep cycle, your internal temperature regulation actually switches off, which is why you can wake up sweaty and overheated sometimes.

As noted earlier, switching to moisture-wicking, less-insulating sheets can be helpful, and you can even get beds now that are air-engineered for cooling. The best cooling mattress for you will support your sleep style with the level of firmness that you prefer and come with hi-tech features such as improved air circulation or cooling gel to help keep you from overheating at night.

While you don’t want to be clammy in bed, adding some moisture during the day can actually help you stay cool. It works the same way that a dip in the pool or jumping in the ocean during a day at the beach can help you cool off. The moisture evaporating off your skin helps cool you down. Try a mister or spray with a little bit of hydrating oil to keep from drying out your skin, splash your face and don’t towel off fully, or get a cloth wet and lay it on the back of your neck for best results.

Try one of these strategies, or go all out with a combination of cooking oil and water evaporation plus smart traditional or technical fabrics to keep you cool and beat the summer heat, day or night.

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