Anti Ageing Treatments To Try In Your 40s

Anti Ageing Treatments To Try In Your 40s

When you hit your 40’s you fear the worst when it comes to your appearance. The ageing signs begin to show and the feeling of getting old really hits you. This is natural to feel considering it’s around this age that the body’s natural collagen production begins to slow and the elasticity in your skin reduces.

Whilst natural causes such as ageing and lifestyle changes can have a large impact on this, thankfully there are anti-ageing treatments that can help to restore your confidence.

1. Botox

Botox is probably considered the most popular form of anti-ageing treatment. How it works is numbing the muscles in the face to reduce the dynamic wrinkles that cause fine lines. Dynamic wrinkles are caused from the movement in the face when you smile or frown. Over time, the face will form less and less of these the more that the treatment is used.

2. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have been a more innovation in the cosmetic surgery climate. It works opposite to botox as it helps to improve the process of collagen in the face rather than slower than natural causes that form wrinkles. Dermal fillers contain a solution that contains hyaluronic acid which is a substance that improves the production of collagen which improves the appearance of skin and makes it appear younger.

3. Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

A regular complaint that’s made by people over the age of 40 years is their difference in skin texture that has changed over time. It can appear blotchy and uneven, removing the plumpness that they one had when they were younger. Laser skin resurfacing treatment can help to remove this concern that you may have.

In essence, laser skin resurfacing removes the aged layer of skin and encourages the skin to form a new layer that is more full. Tiny incisions are made in the skin once the top layer is removed to form new skin that appears new and full of life and you should see the results around 3 weeks after the treatment.

4. Fat Injections

Fat injections work similar to dermal fillers, except it uses your own fat rather than using cosmetic products to help your skin look more youthful. This can be a great option if you have under eye-circles that can make you look older over time. It’s important to remember that the procedure does require enough fat to utilise to transfer to your face. This fat is harvested and filtered using liposuction. 

Adjusting your Skincare Routine as you get Older

As you get older you need to adapt to how you look after yourself. The same way you’d opt for a breast augmentation surgery when your breasts begin to droop over time, you’ll take action when your skincare routine no longer works. 

Anti-ageing treatments are one way to increase your appearance, but you can also enhance how you look through quality skincare and healthy lifestyle changes. 

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