Checklist to Perform after AC Service by Professional: 5 Important Things

Regular AC maintenance by a professional is an excellent way to make sure that the AC works in the best condition and save money on expensive repairs and replacements. But how will you know that the technician has done a great job? This checklist can help.

Increasing number of home and office owners in India now understand the importance of getting their AC maintenance done by a professional on a regular basis. It is one of the best ways to ensure that the AC works in a perfect condition throughout the year and also save money on expensive repairs and replacements.

But while regular maintenance by a professional is great, how can you know that the technician has actually done a good job? Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to check the same. Use the below-mentioned checklist to know the things that you should check after professional servicing of your AC.

  1. Check AC Cooling

The first thing you need to check is if the AC is cooling or not. This is especially important to check if you’ve just topped up coolant gas in your AC. If it’s a split unit, make sure that the airflow is consistently cool across the vent. If it’s not, it could mean there is a blockage somewhere or coolant level is not up to the mark.  Ask the technician to look for the problem and fix it.

  1. Check Noise

When a well-maintained AC works, you can hardly hear it. However, if there is a ticking or rumbling sound from the AC, it might mean that the AC compressor needs to be repaired or replaced. When the compressor is about to fail, it finds it difficult to turn on without making any noise. There are also other reasons like the loose AC motor responsible for the sound.

  1. Check the Unit Physically

Once the professionals have done their job, it is important to check the AC yourself. If it’s a Window AC, make sure the outer portion is clean and you can see through the fins. If not, it could lead to your compressor overheating and tripping. Check the same for the front portion. In case of a split AC, make sure the outer unit is also thoroughly cleaned.

  1. Check with Digital Clamp Meter

Most professionals carry with them a digital clamp meter. You can request them to use it to measure the voltage your AC is consuming. If it’s consuming more than it should, it could lead to the compressor tripping before it reaches the desired temperature. The right load will depend on the type of AC, brand, and most importantly, its tonnage.

  1. Condensation leakage

The condensed water created by the AC unit is usually drained automatically. However, if there is a leakage after AC service, the drain pipe may be blocked, or the condensate pump might not be working. The technician would clear the drain pipe, clear the pump system, and check the electrical connection of the pump to eliminate this problem.

Rather than hiring any AC professional, it is essential to avail professional AC repair services through portals like HouseJoy to receive the best AC servicing at a highly affordable price.

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