Dressing for a Summer Party

Dressing for a Summer Party

Dressing up for a summer evening can entail a tricky set of choices. In the UK, summer is not a guarantee of good weather, especially after dark. A hot, sunny afternoon can give way to showers at a moment’s notice, and when the sun goes down the temperature drop can be dramatic! If you’ve dressed for the noonday sun, you might find yourself shivering when the party goes on after sundown!

Today we’re taking a look at this dilemma and helping you make the choices that ensure fashionable party success.


The word to live your life if you’re not certain how the weather will treat you is layers. Construct an outfit you can layer up (or down) to keep you warm or cool you off as you need. A sundress is a great foundation for a summer outfit – you pick playful or formal options depending on the feel of the event you’re attending, and then ready extra options that compliment it. Cashmere sweaters are a great choice here – they’re fashionable, classy, light and yet insulating enough to keep off the evening chill.

You could also consider adding some leggings or tights – depending on the temperature, the occasion and the footwear you’re opting for!

Pattern and Colour

If you’re layering up like this, you don’t know quite which version of your outfit you’re going to be wearing at any one time – is it the one with the cardigan draped over the shoulders of the sundress, or the ‘boyfriend cut’ linen jacket, or the sundress alone?

It’s important to think carefully about the colouring and patterning of the outfit as you put it together to make sure each element plays well with the other component parts.

Take the dress as your starting point – the colour, pattern, look and cut of this dress is the foundation for the rest of your outfit. If your dress is highly patterned, then it can be more effective to add other clothing or accessories in complimentary colours rather than other patterns. Pattern mixing is worth experimenting with, but an off-kilter result can be more disruptive than you’d think.

If your dress is only lightly patterned, or a simple block of colour, then adding a patterned sweater or cardigan can be a great way to inject more character and statement to your look – as it’s an optional piece, it’s also something that’s easy to remove if you end up not liking the effect.

With a some planning, and bright and patterned pieces, your summer look is set!

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