How to Make your Social Channels and SEO Efforts Work Together

How to Make your Social Channels and SEO Efforts Work Together

With the digitalisation of everything it’s imperative to completely understand the synergy between your social media channels and SEO efforts to gain the most out of your social media marketing campaigns.

Marketing on social media channels is aggressive to say the least, the same can be said for the never-ending battle to achieve a high ranking on the search engines.  This is where making your social channels and SEO efforts can work together.

Did you know that consistent posting on social media channels can really help improve your SEO?  Although social media posting is not a direct factor that is considered for SEO it can help your search engine optimisation.  For these reasons and many others, it’s a really good idea to complete a digital marketing course to cover all aspects of combining your marketing efforts on your social channels with your SEO.

Use in conjunction

We all know that social media marketing has been a major part in digital marketing campaigns for quite a while now, but did you know that when used in conjunction with your SEO can be extremely beneficial as both platforms actually have a lot in common when trying to reach out to a potential customer or engage with your existing customers.  Although Google says that social media posts are unlikely to help with your SEO, your social channels do appear in search engine results.  Also they can affect your search engine optimisation efforts, such s increase online visibility, increase traffic to your site, increase the lifespan of your content and build brand awareness.

Integration of social channels and SEO efforts

The fact that both social media channels and SEO has access to a huge amount of your digital marketing data is a bonus and the key is to use this data to grow and inform your audience on both of these channels.  Therefore, the overall profitability of integrating your social channel marketing and your SEO has become more popular than ever.

Here are a few techniques to align your SEO and social media marketing efforts.

  • Alignment is key – It’s important to align your SEO keywords with your social media channel keywords to ensure that you’re focusing on your target audience.
  • Don’t forget keyword importance – Making sure your list of social channel keywords is cross-checked against your SEO keywords is a handy tip.
  • Website integration – Integrate your social media channels into your website. Social channel links should be added to site to make sure your visitors are aware of the social channels your business is active on.
  • Blog influence – Use your blog as a resource for link building and remember to include strong, authoritative and original content in your blog. Make sure you include relevant links in your blog too.

The personal touch

No matter how captivating and awesome your website is, posting on social media channels feels way more personal by expressing your brand’s personality.  Although you should keep in mind that most people on social media platforms aren’t looking for business content so it’s important to keep your posts fresh, relevant and entertaining.

A strong influence

According to recent research the correlation between social channel signals and SEO ranking is high, so much so that websites with the highest ranking almost always have a strong social media channel presence.

Combine a strategy for both

Now that we’ve established that social media channels and SEO efforts can work together it’s important to create and implement a communications strategy for both social media and SEO.    Develop engaging content that will attract more traffic to your site and will also be shared through social media.

Increase brand recognition

Every goal of digital marketing includes the desire to increase brand recognition.  So, does integrating your social media channels posts with SEO efforts help increase band awareness? Yes, a huge benefit of social channels SEO is creating brand recognition through increased industry authority, especially through links and reviews.

Social media channels drive visitors

Using social media channels effectively will certainly drive more visitors to your site and can also potentially increase your SEO ranking, especially if your social media posts are engaging and have a strong call to action which links to your site.

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