Experts’ Global- Your First Choice for MBA Admission Consulting or GMAT Prep

If you need MBA admission consulting or help with your GMAT preparation, the first firm you should visit is Experts’ Global. You are guaranteed to find the guidance that you need. Since Experts’ Global was founded, in 2008, its reputation has grown exponentially. As of the time of writing, students from over 50 countries have availed of Experts’ Global’s services.

On the Company

Experts’ Global was founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava in 2008. As an EdTech firm, Experts’ Global’s core operation is to impart education, through technology. Since 2008, Experts’ Global has provided truly international level GMAT training, and MBA admissions consultancy to thousands of students, across the world. Experts’ Global’s GMAT trainers and MBA admission consultants are truly some of the best that one could hope to find, they are exceptionally skilled and take great pride in the work that they do. Let us take a closer look at what Experts’ Global has to offer.

GMAT Preparation

Experts’ Global’s online, on-demand GMAT preparation program is the best in its field. This program has over 300 conceptual videos and 4000 practice questions, all bought together to form a highly methodical GMAT preparation approach. Each one of these questions has been designed to provide Experts’ Global’s students with the most GMAT-accurate experience possible. Experts’ Global has even developed a testing screen that is as close to the GMAT’s as possible. This testing screen utilizes a full-screen layout and graphics that are highly similar to the real GMAT testing screen. This has been done to ensure that the students get a real sense of what giving GMAT will be like, so that they can mentally prepare themselves for the same. This screen even provides the students with a sense of the time pressure that they will be under, on the exam, with a timerthat turns red if they take too long on any given question.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep program also comes with15 Full-Length mock tests. Just like the practice questions, these mock tests are hosted on a highly GMAT-accurate screen and are highly representative of the GMAT, itself. The test series also includes a powerful analytics software. This software provides the students with a rigorous analysis of their performances and keen insight into their shortcomings, in the same. To elaborate, the software analyzes the student’s latest performances to determine which GMAT areas they are most/least proficient in, which areas they take the most time on, their level of accuracy with relation to speed, and a much more.

Classroom GMAT Program

Experts’ Global also has a live classroom program for GMAT preparation, conducted by Mr. Srivastava himself. Mr. Srivastava has been consistently praised, for his enthusiasm and dedication, by his students. Mr. Srivastava’s students have also complimented his sharp insight into the intricacies of the GMAT, especially in the quant section.

MBA Admissions Consultancy

A key element of Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consultancy is giving each student as much attention as possible. In order to do so, Experts’ Global has adopted a boutique system. Experts’ Global only takes on a limited number of aspirants, each year, but they strive to provide them with the maximum amount of guidance. Experts’ Global provides, what they call, “end to end MBA admission consultancy”. This means that they provide guidance, for every step of the admission process, from the first profile analysis to the last interview preparation. The completeness of Experts’ Global’s approach has certainly been a great advantage, to their students. Over the last ten years; Experts’ Global students have secured admission to every one of the world’s top one hundred and fifty institutes.

ISB Admissions Consultancy

Out of the countless schools that Experts’ Global has helped its students gain admission to, ISB is the one whose admission process they are most experienced with. Experts’ Global understands the popularity of ISB, among Indian MBA aspirants. Half of all Indians who give GMAT, do so with the intention of applying to ISB. So, Experts’ Global has ensured that its admission consultants are thoroughly familiar with ISB’s admission process and requirements. The firm’s efforts, in this regard, have most certainly paid off. Every year, 90 percent of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants receive interview calls.

Admissions Interview Training

Admission interview training is one of the most common services that MBA admission consultancy firms provide. Experts’ Global understands just how important a good interview performance is and has developed a methodical and highly effective interview training regimen. The core of this training is a series of mock interviews, conducted by a highly experienced interview mentor. These mocks are specifically designed to address each individual student’s problem areas. In order to determine the student’s problem areas, Experts’ Global has them fill out a highly detailed questionnaire, consisting of the 30 most common MBA interview questions. The training is further bolstered by a comprehensive set of 15 instructional videos that cover the basic aspects of MBA admission interviews. The mock interviews are followed by detailed feedback sessions.

Experts’ Global’s GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy have guided thousands of MBA aspirants to their dream schools. This firm is truly the finest in its field.

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