Tips for Travelling to Stockholm

Tips for Travelling to Stockholm

Sweden is a beautiful county and in many ways futuristic compared to other major European cities. Stockholm excels with public transport; mainly down to environmental reasons. Getting around the city is easy, so fear not if you are a solo traveller. If you are in the city for one week or more, it would be worth the money and investing in an SL card. You can frequently top this card up to pay for all your journeys, no matter whether it is used on the bus, train or ferry. You can also get 24-hour and 72-hour passes if you are in Stockholm for shorter than a week.

There are three main Tunnelbana (train) lines: green, red and blue. These connect all the central neighbourhoods in Stockholm and trains often leave stations every ten to 15 minutes. Times may vary later on in the evening, weekends and red days (bank holidays). T-Centralen is the main line where everything revolves around.

Ferries are not only a fantastic way to see the city but also an efficient way of getting around. There are some useful city lines than ensure island hopping is easy. There are year-long Djurgården ferry shuttles between Slussen and Djurgården. Additionally, the Sjövägen 80 boat line connects central Nybroplan with Frihamnen in an almost-circular loop, stopping at Allmänna Gränd on Djurgården along the way. This route is the best if you want a short-cut from the downtown area to the museums on Djurgården.

If you’re looking to get around the suburbs areas of the city, the best transport is the bus. There are dozens of lines across the city. Busses in Stockholm are unlike most busses in the world in the fact that they are clean, well maintained and reliable- even if it’s snowing.

Many of the tourists and locals around Stockholm are oblivious to the works of art that surround them when they are commuting around the city. Touted as the world’s most extensive art exhibition at 110km long, you will find a variety of paintings, sculptures and mosaics among others displayed in the Stockholm subways.

The art is put together by 150 artists, and you will see designs in over 90 of the city’s 100 stations. Kungsträdgarden would be the best place to start; here you will see dramatic installations of vibrantly coloured abstract harlequin design that engulfs the caves. From here you can move onto the main artery of T-Centralen, before then visiting Hötorget, Stadshagen and Solna Centrum.

The Swedes are efficient in everything that they do. If they say that they are going to meet you at 19:00, they mean that will be the latest that they are going to be. But also don’t be too early, it’s a very tight line that you need to walk on.

The most important occasion to remember this is when you are catching a bus, they are rarely late and often arrive on the second that it is advertised.

Furthermore, most of the busses around Stockholm have wifi, which means you can play UK slots while you are on your journey. With quick wifi available, the world of online casinos is the best way to ensure that you have the best possible journey.

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