How To Choose The Right Telemedicine Platform For Your Practice

If you have incorporated Telemedicine into your medical practice, you are on the path to success. As the focus has now shifted towards patient convenience and contentment, telemedicine has done wonders in improving staff efficiency.

Despite being a complex and a dynamic concept, the use of telemedicine is advancing rapidly because of the convenience it offers. The technology allows healthcare providers to treat patients in distant areas where basic medical health facility is not provided or there is a shortage of doctors.

Furthermore, patients who do not want to wait for hours at the doctor’s clinic are using telemedicine for their ease and convenience. This way, they can get immediate medical attention whenever they need it.

Implementing telemedicine is half the battle. You must set up the necessary equipment, arrange workflows, provide staff training and spread the news to the people who would use the platform. It requires hard work and energy but if you focus on the right strategies and are fully equipped to face external and internal challenges, telemedicine implementation will be easy.

Telemedicine companies:

Top telehealth companies offer services 24/7 to patients as well as providers. These companies also allow hospitals and health care centers to contact specialists across the globe if needed. This is mostly done by the teleradiology companies that allow the patient to have a quick consultation by an experienced radiologist on their x-rays and ultrasounds. By joining these companies, medical practices can have a competitive edge in the field of healthcare where it is difficult to survive independently and maintain a healthy baseline income.

Choosing the right communication platform:

You can make use of HIPAA compliant Videoconferencing services. Make sure the platform you use focuses on data security.  Several companies offer encrypted platforms with data archiving, document sharing and multi-use conferencing options.

This app allows the participants to securely share their medical lab reports and send their documents through live video. Moreover, do not jump into telemedicine without equipping yourself with the perquisites of it. This includes your prime consideration in getting a proper working webcam, speakers, microphone and most importantly a fast and a reliable internet connection.


It is important your staff is trained to effectively use the telehealth company. This includes the IT staff as well as primary health care providers. To get acquainted with telemedicine, they need to have the basic knowledge of medical devices and telecommunication techniques.

Purchasing medical equipment:

This is highly dependent upon the fact that which field of medicine is your specialty. They can include digital stethoscopes, ECGs, autoscope, instruments for ear, nose, and throat or examination cameras.

Good connectivity:

A good and a reliable internet connection is necessary so that information exchange between patient-specialist or a primary health care provider and a specialist is not compromised in any way. Even if the patient has a minor problem such as an infection and he requires immediate consultation, a good connection will save the patient and doctor’s time and money.

 Check for changing state policy and reimbursement:

Reimbursement in telemedicine is a tricky concept especially when the changing state policies are taken into consideration. Many states have now introduced the equivalent policies that have made it a requirement for the payers who finance telehealth care to compensate for the telemedicine visit in the same way as in-patient visits.

With the passage of time telemedicine is becoming a bedrock of modern health care and providers are working together with top telehealth companies to modernize their workflows and generate fruitful outcomes. With the real-time live exchange of information between the patient and the doctor not only geographical barriers are challenged but also patient is being made in control of his own health. Patients can scroll down on the mobile app and choose to virtually visit the best consultant to treat him.

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