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We can thank our lucky stars for living in a world with a beautiful country like Italy. The scholarly Mark Twain appreciated the grandeur of Italy with “The Creator made Italy from the designs by Michaelangelo’. If that isn’t enough to express how glorious this country is, we don’t know what will? And one of the prominent cities of Italy is the reigning queen of fashion ‘Milan’ .

Mentioned below are some of the unknown facts about this culturally and architecturally rich and sophisticated city that is globally recognized as the city of hidden treasures:

  • Fashion to Milanese man’s reflecting their mood unlike showing off their status. Yes, Paris has dominated fashion world for long but who ascended the throne first? Italy, right after WWII with the infamous historical fashion parade by Giovan Battista Giorgini in Florence. The culture of suave and style soon spread throughout Italy, with Milan becoming Milan becoming “Fashion Capital of the World” by the 21st century. Renowned fashion brands such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Prada, Valentino, Versace have made Milan their headquarters now and how can we ever forget the anticipated bi-annual Milan fashion week.
  • Milan is the home to the world’s third largest and Italy largest church, Milan Cathedral. The church whose foundation was laid in 1388 under the reign of first Duke of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Visconti got completed in 1965, taking a total of 577 years. The CAthedral has the relics of the nails with which Jesus was crucified. The Milan Cathedral has a unique sculpture in its exhibit: statue of St. Bartholomew, by Marco D’Agrate, made around 1562. Why is it unique, you ask? Because St Bartholomew, a Jesus disciple was subjected to the cruelest and tragic human execution of being skinned alive and beheaded, for spreading Christianity  One can see the work of craftsmanship in its refined anatomical precision. Milan Cathedral is an enigma in its own right.
  • No Milan trip will be complete without consuming Aperitivo. Aperitif is one of the oldest gastronomical customs of Italy. This beverage is an institution in Milan. It was invented by Gaspare Campari when he opened his first Milanese cafe with an objective to serve a drink that enhances appetite rather than minimizing it, and that’s when he came up with his bitter aperitif, Campari. You can find this drink with several variations in any Milanese bar.
  • The design for most common watergate arrangement worldwide and the first water lock Conca-miter gate was invented by Leonardo da Vinci on his one of the several expeditions to Milan in 1482. It was constructed in Milan in 1496 to compensate the difference of water supply between the channels and Na Vigilia di Martesana
  • The go-to cafe for every Milanese, the legendary Pasticceria Cucchi was severely destroyed and almost perished during the terrible World War II bombings. Founded in 1936, this now famous bakery was rebuilt and restored to its former glory and has been a favorite among locals and tourists alike for almost 70 years.

So now that you know the gorgeous city of Milan a bit better pack your back and take the next flight to Milan. Taxi transfers services outside Milan-Malpensa Airport are active 24/7 to ensure you a safe and secure ride to your accommodation.

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