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How to Organize a Successful Company Party

Almost all companies celebrate holidays with a party for their employees and staff. It is an ideal way of gathering all of the employees and showing appreciation for a job well done. But planning a party for the entire company is an exhausting job so here’s a quick guide on how to organize a successful company party.

Determine what type of Party it will be

You have to choose whether to have a luncheon or an evening party. Between these two, an evening party is more expensive. It will be best to conduct a survey across the company to get the pulse of the majority.

Pick the date and the Time

It will be best to pick a date where most of your employees are available, so this can either be Saturday or Sunday. If you want all of your employees to attend, it will be best to consider a less busy day, so you can at least put some of your employees on leave.

Create a guest List

Inviting the family of your employees will be a nice gesture and for sure, your employees will appreciate it. You may also want to add an RSVP feature, to know the headcount.

Pick a venue and a Caterer

Would you conduct the party on the company’s premises? Or do you want to rent an event venue for the party? Conducting the party within the company’s premises will be more cost efficient but if you happen to find a caterer that offers a venue, why not grab it? It will be a breath of fresh air for the employees to be in a different place.

Pick a theme and Entertainment

If you want to make sure that your party will be enjoyed by everyone, then have a theme party! At the end of the party, pick someone to receive the “Best Dress Award” to ensure that everyone will whole-heartedly participate.

You also have to work on the sound and lighting that will go well with your chosen theme. Check out reliable lighting companies like Lighting Hire London to help you with this complicated task.

Set an agenda

If you want your party to be extremely successful, you have to plan for it. From the arrival of the guests to the closing speeches, the plan should be properly outlined and followed during the event itself.

Set an alcohol Policy

Should you limit alcohol, or not? Well, that’s up to you. If you want to limit the alcohol, then you may want to provide drink tickets.

Recognise and appreciate everyone

Holiday parties are usually associated with various employee awards. It is essential that you recognize the success of your employees, so they know that their hard work is appreciated. Also, make sure to thank the attendees because your party will not be successful if no one is there to party, right?

Company parties are one of the most sought-after events by employees since this is the day when they can mingle with other employees. So, make sure that each one of them gets to enjoy it by following the tips above.

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