Riding to Romance: TOP 7 Opportunities for Road Trip Date

Picking a right place for dating? What do you think of a new restaurant at the corner of the street? Do you want to go at the concert? There is a better idea. How about renting a cool car that takes you to the most romantic place ever? Just use your app to find out which car is the craziest one to impress your girlfriend. Cabriolet car will be great for this occasion. Look through the page of Ford Mustang convertible rental with price in the USA. It is not difficult to find the most suitable variant.

Prepare for the Trip

So, the question Where do we go? is as hot as never before. The car is rented, the things are packed. Your road trip date starts right now. So, where are you going? Having a car, you have so many opportunities around you. You can go everywhere, where the road is good and environment is suitable for your romantic date. Feel free to grab your partner in the car and drive away.

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  1. See the Sunrise

Just drive away from the city! You shouldn’t go far to see the beauty of nature. Is there a place like a canyon, or lonely beach, lagoon, anything, where you can spend a good time together? There must be something. Just take your favorite cabriolet and drive it to the nearest quiet place. Make a price of today’s sunrise. Just park your car on a highest place you could find and watch the sun, going up on the horizon. It is very romantic.

  1. Romantic Picnic

There is no need to go to the most expensive restaurant to impress your partner. You can use your car to arrange the most romantic picnic ever. Just go to the nearest restaurant and buy some take away food. Also, you need some music, blanket, and something to drink. Convertible car helps you to make the atmosphere of your picnic more romantic. If it is cold, you can take up the roof. So, you have to think of a good place to go.

Terra and I had a breakfast picnic :) Food from Starbucks, coffee from home :D #riorancho


  1. Starry Night

It doesn’t matter whether you are in love or not, stars are always attractive. There is nothing more romantic than looking up to the night sky. Just leave your gadgets at home, take some food and warm clothes and go to have a look at the night sky. By the way, if you have a soft pillows and a warm blanket, you can make a picnic just on the bonnet. Oh, one more thing, you’ll probably need some light.

  1. Spontaneous Trip

If you like making surprises and unexpected moments, you can invite your partner to drive to somewhere together. Don’t use maps, guides, friendly advices. Just jump in the car and go to meet adventures. You can stop every time you can see something beautiful and impressive. Feel hungry? Just stop at the road side cafe and have some snack. It’s not a problem at all! Spontaneous trips always give a good impression.

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  1. Camping Experience

If you like nature and want to be close to it, you can go camping. Don’t worry about the renting of a big camping truck. Who said that camping includes days and nights? You can go camping for one day! Besides, one day is usually enough to talk to each other, enjoy the view around, and arrange a romantic picnic in the park. You shouldn’t go far. America is full of National parks and reservations. There is always a good place to go. Just check the weather beforehand and buy some food for a picnic.

  1. Outdoor Theatre

Outdoor theater is rather good idea to spend time together when you want to impress your partner. It’s very romantic to spend a couple of night hours in the open-roof car hand in hand with your partner, watching the old movie. In America it is called Drive-In Theater. It was popular in 50th. There were more than 4000 theaters in the USA at that time. Can you imagine that?

The Double Bill


  1. Surprise!

Whenever you go, you have to plan it beforehand. Want to surprise your partner? What a good idea it is! But it can be a surprise for your partner, not for you. You should plan your trip in details to make it really comfortable and romantic. Thus, planning to drive away for a romantic breakfast, it is needed to take your kids to your mom, pack something delicious into the picnic basket, buy some flowers and rent a car. Often, it is enough to feel happy!

If you don’t like surprises and use to plan everything, you can always plan a kind of classic road trip. Just pick a route and follow recommendations. Every destination is always full of great romantic opportunities. Never be afraid to talk to your partner, share your sandwiches and impressions, and do your best to have a great time together. Be patient. Sometimes, a couple of hours in the car can be more romantic than two years of living together.

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