SEO Agency Facts: Factors Affecting A Site’s SERP Ranking

SEO Agency Facts: Factors Affecting A Site’s SERP Ranking

Search engine optimization, which can also be referred to as SEO, has been successful in helping entrepreneurs promote their websites and gain visibility online. SEO has enabled business owners, small and big alike, to level out the playing field. All types of businesses, whether small or big, can generally gain benefit from SEO marketing. SEO has a key role in entrepreneurs’ marketing strategies. However, SEO may take some time before seeing any results come to fruition. The tasks can also be intimidating. In this case, hiring and partnering with an experienced and reputable SEO agency would be the best option.

SEO plays an important role in helping to build brand awareness. In the past, micro-businesses and small entrepreneurs have no chance of competing against big corporations without any backup investment. Businesses would need huge investment in marketing to be able to pay thousands to millions of dollars on newspaper, radio, and television ads. Without that staggering amount of money, they are left in the dust.

The rise of digital marketing helped the increasing number of small businesses turning into millions of dollars. There are many marketing strategies available in the market, found in both offline and online platforms. Nonetheless, SEO is one of the marketing tactics that apply to all types of businesses. For instance, influencer marketing is great for a makeup brand but this type of marketing is not too applicable for a software company directly selling its apps to a specific hardware company. ABM or account-based marketing is good for a media intelligence company targeting a hotel to get its media monitoring services. However, ABM is not plausible for a makeup brand trying to sell a new lipstick to young adults. In all the businesses mentioned, Makeup Company, software, hardware, media monitoring services, and hotel industry, SEO is one of the very few marketing strategies that can be applied in all of these areas.

SEO has enabled all types of businesses to rise above the challenges of marketing and reach their audience. With the right SEO approach, every business can sit beside the most powerful brands on the search engine results. Nevertheless, partnering with the right SEO agency is a key factor in a business’ strategy.

What is SEO?

SEO uses various methodologies and strategies to increase the traffic of a website using organic search, instead of paid ads, SEO considers three basic factors to the incoming traffic to the website. The three factors are namely the quantity or number of traffic, quality, or the desired target audience, and organic search or the traffic that came from unpaid search results. In broader terms, quantity talks about having a high number of visitors coming to the website which increases the brand’s visibility. Quality is focused on ensuring that the incoming traffic is the exact target audience which has a high chance of converting instead of having traffic that will not convert. Organic search in a broader explanation means that all the traffic must come organically from SEO efforts, not from any paid methods like Google ads.

The process to attain the quantity, quality, and organic search involves website optimization and backlinking. To determine the right approach, a proper website audit must be done. After the website audit, keyword and competitor research will follow through.

Website Optimization

Search engines, specifically Google, evaluate a website’s readability and relevance before assigning a position for it on the search engine results page or SERP. If the search engine determines that a website has more relevance for a given keyword or search term, the higher chance it will rank. Website optimization includes factors such as optimizing meta tags and titles. The website also needs to have technical issues resolved, such as faster loading times to avoid driving search engines to lower the site’s rank. Interlinking is also part of website optimization where one page of the website links to another web page.


Backlinks are links coming from another website. Backlinks are one of the major metrics that help a website rank. A backlink helps the search engine determine that the website is deemed as an authority of other websites making them link back to a web page. However, it must be noted that the backlinks that matters are the ones that have a do-follow link as it passes link juice.

Backlinking is important as it helps to build the authority of a website. The most important factor in building a website’s authority is link building. Links are crucial in developing a site’s organic rankings. Having many links is not exactly helpful if all the websites linking back to the webpage have low rankings and deemed untrustworthy by the search engine. Marketers must always remember to build meaningful links from relevant sources that have a high authority who also maintains a good relationship with the search engines.

One of the most effective backlinking procedure is guest posting. The process of guest posting is simple. A website owner, marketer, or writer will contact an industry-related blog or website if it is possible to write content on their website. If the website is a law firm, then the target websites are legal blogs. Websites in a niche with high authority are great places to contact and reach out for the possibility of writing a guest post for them.

No matter how much a website owner or marketer becomes an expert on SEO, search engines particularly Google keeps on changing. It is important that a business must be able to adapt quickly while remaining flexible to any changes. Some systems remain in place while other things changes.

When hiring an SEO agency, check if the company offers other marketing strategies such as paid ads, landing page optimization, or other inbound marketing services. In this way, the entrepreneur can have a one-stop-shop who can work on their marketing and already knows the ins and outs of the business. An example of a holistic agency would be JSA Interactive which offers SEO services to online reputation management. Business owners should always remember that SEO takes time but the results are worth the wait. Any agency offering an overnight fix may not be the right partner for the business.

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