Small Changes to Improve your Bedtime Routine

Small Changes to Improve your Bedtime Routine

Sleeping well is vital to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We can often take sleep for granted. As a result, many of us find ourselves in bouts of not being able to nod off like we used to  be able to. There can be a whole host of reasons why this might be the case. A bedtime routine can help bring stability to our sleeping habits. So, here are a few things to help tweak your own routine to help it lay the foundations for a peaceful nights sleep.

You may not currently have anything that resembles a bedtime routine. If this is the case, it might be worth just having a few practices you stick to. Such as a set time when to start getting ready for bed, a time to actually be in bed. This might sound basic, but just having something as regular as this helps give your body signals that it is time to start preparing for sleep. Over time this means the body will automatically know when to start getting tired and begin to wind down.

It is a good idea to undress and change for bed roughly an hour before you plan to go to sleep. If you still need to wear footwear, put on something that favours comfort like a pair of slippers, or men’s sliders. It is also worthwhile investing in a dressing gown if you haven’t already. With such a wide variety of them, it’s often easy to find a style of dressing gown that suits you.

At this hourly point before bed it would be wise to reduce your time looking at screens to zero. Looking at screens sends the wrong signals to the brain, with receptors telling it that it’s still daylight and not time to sleep. If it is vital for you to have your phone, laptop or tablet with you before bed; ensure that it has a blue light filter installed on it. This reduces the impact the light has on affecting your body clock.

Finally, it’s obvious to not consume caffeinated drinks before bed. However, if you are having trouble sleeping, recent scientific studies suggests you shouldn’t drink caffeine after 2pm. To a lot of people, this time might be a lot earlier than expected. It might be the case that if you are having trouble sleeping, drinking caffeine throughout the working day can be the reason why.

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