Tips To Make The Small Entryway More Functional

When decorating a tiny apartment, it is of great importance to use every inch of the space. And you should start this even from the entryway, which is actually the first impression people get about your home. A small entryway can be functional too if decorated in the right way. And here you can find some of the best tips to get the most of the small entryway in your apartment.

Organize your keys

An entryway, just like any type of room, has some must-have features. One such feature is having a place for your keys. This could be a floating shelf, a wall key holder or maybe even some tray placed on a cupboard. And no matter which one you choose, you will never lose your keys again and have them at hand when you are on the go.

Coat rack

A coat rack is also a must-have for every entryway. Choose the one that will fit right in the space as well as the one that can fit all of your coats or hats. There are many designs to choose from, so you will for sure find the right one for your small entryway.

A seating area

Some place to sit on is also a must-have for any entryway. This could be a bench, ottomans or stools and you can either choose some plain ones or maybe go for some statement ones. The latter ones can be with some interesting pattern or in some bold color.

A mirror

A mirror is also a must-have for your entryway so that you can take a last glance at you before leaving your home. Go for a bigger one and thus make space look bigger too. And again you can choose a plain one, or with some interesting frame to make a statement.

A welcoming quote

Another interesting detail that will add to the overall look of the entryway can be some welcoming quote. Hang some on the wall, or maybe place some on the cupboard. It will for sure put a smile on everyone’s face.

So, no matter how small is the entryway in your home, it can again be welcoming and functional. The above tips are just some of the best ones, so hopefully you will find them useful.

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