five ways to get an hourglass figure without any gym equipment

5 Ways To Get An Hourglass Figure Without Any Gym Equipment

Are you one of those who thinks that to have an hourglass figure you need to have good genes? Or only celebrities can have a good figure? You’re wrong because with sheer will and hard work you can have the best figure ever. You definitely do not need to have cosmetic surgery done and there’s no special need to go to the gym or use special exercising equipment to shape your waist.

Of course, getting an hourglass figure is not easy but with the help of a good quality waist trainer and a few other ways you can achieve your dream figure in real. Wondering what those ways are? Keep reading to find out!

1. Run Forest Run

The best thing that can help you get the perfect hourglass figure is running. All you need is a timer, a pair of good running shoes and a water bottle. Set a specific time and run a good distance. Gradually increase your running time and cover more distance as your lower half gets used to the workout.

Do not exhaust yourself and keep a steady speed. Your lower body will sculpt better when you cover long distances but at a lower intensity. When you get bored of plain running you can do other cardio exercises like dancing or rope skipping.

2. Plank your way to being smart

Planks are the best if you want a smaller waist or lose a few extra pounds. Doing planks might look very easy but the health benefits it has are awesome. Your upper body gains more strength and your core remains active. Just get in a push-up position and hold your posture while maintaining your torso and a straight spine.

Hold the plank and breathe deep and steadily. If your wrists hurt because of your body weight, hold your hands together. Planking every day will not only trim waist but also give you a good posture.

3. Suck in that stomach for a good vacuum

Another great way you can achieve your dream figure is to the stomach vacuum exercise. It is very easy and you can do it anywhere in the office or at home. All you have to do is either lie down or sit straight and inhale as much as you can. Then exhale while sucking in your stomach as much as you can.

Your abdominal muscles will thank you for this and in days you’ll notice that your stomach is going from flab to flat and strong.

4. Strength training

A good body needs to have good endurance and strong muscles. You can easily get well-toned body if you add strength training to your routine. Exercises like mountain climbing, lunges, squats, and crunches can be done without any gym equipment and in the comfort of your home. Do these exercise 2-3 times a week including your cardio workout and you’ll see some awesome changes in yourself.

5. A balanced diet or nothing will work

If you don’t fix your eating schedule and don’t eat correctly then there’s no point in exercising or trying to look slim and smart. Do not starve yourself and check that your diet has all the right nutrition.

To workout and develop good strong muscles you need to eat the right food. Counting your daily calories intake will keep your diet balanced. While trying your very best to get an hourglass figure we advise you to cut down on smoking and drinking and stop having anything unhealthy.

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