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5 Fall Home Maintenance Projects That Will Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather

With winter being just around the corner it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for winter weather. Here are a few easy warm winter ideas to get your home running in top condition.

  • Monitor the working of Heating system

home maintainance projects

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Consider hiring a professional to give your home an energy audit. They will assess your heating system and make recommendations regarding adding insulation, sealing any drafts or cracks, and making sure your system is running as it should.  

  • Clean out Your Gutters-

home maintainance projects

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Fall leaves and build-up can cause backups that may lead to extensive damage once ice and cold temperatures set in. Make sure to clean out your gutters once a year (twice if you have trees hanging directly over your home). You can also install gutter covers that will slow the build-up and hopefully prevent blockage. All you need to get the job done is a ladder, a shovel, and a hose but if you don’t have the time or patience hire a professional.   

  • Check Your Roof-

home maintainance projects

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It’s better to get your roof repaired before the cold weather sets in. Rain, snow, and sleet can do extensive damage to a roof that’s already compromised. Take a stroll around your home and look for missing, broken, and damaged shingles. Large amounts of moss and lichen growth could mean that you have some decaying material on your roof. Inspect the rubber boots around your plumbing vent pipes. They are often the first thing to need repair on a roof.

If anything looks sketchy hire a professional roofer to come out and do a full inspection. They will give you a good idea about the extent of the damage and a cost estimate for repairs.

  • Get Your Backyard Ready for Outdoor Entertaining-

home maintainance projects

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Don’t let the cold weather keep you from entertaining outdoors. Rake your backyard and consider setting up a fire pit. A fire pit is a perfect winter gathering spot to share stories, roast marshmallows, and cuddle.   

  • Turn your outdoor water system off and store your hoses for the spring-

home maintainance projects

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Water can get backed up in your garden hose and turn to ice in the freezing temperatures. Permanent damage to your pipe system can occur as a result. Before temperatures drop simply turn off your outdoor water system, empty your hoses and store them in a cool dry place like a garage or a shed.  

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