8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

In this modern world, it is necessary to have an office in such a building which was much advanced than you imagine. Your office building should also put an amount of effort as much as you do to make your business vigorous. That is why the office building design should be in an advanced form with a trendy look to create a direct impact on capabilities of your company work with productivity and creativity out passed through your workplace.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

Here at Architectures Ideas take a close look at these finest modern office building designs which are situated all around the world to have a perfect example of your working space.

Federation Of Korean Industries

Finished in November 2013, the new head office working for the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) is a noteworthy new expansion to the horizon of Seoul, Korea. AS+GG won a global competition to design the building in 2009.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

The 50-story, the 240-meter tower includes a creative exterior divider, composed particularly for the project. The building’s one of a kind skin decreases interior heating and cooling burdens and gathers vitality through photovoltaic boards that are incorporated into the spandrel territories of the south-west and north-west facades.


With structures of this scale, it is simple but difficult to give their size a chance to show up outside the realm of relevance with the city. Here watchful consideration is paid to the detail of the veneer. The building is wrapped in an extraordinary skin of curtain wall. It is scarred with spaces made by the faceted vertical coating. It seems like arbitrarily scattered over the surface of the building.

As though cut from the encompassing mountains, the building can seem strong yet similarly, it can seem invisible; mirroring the mists, water and covering it against the mountains out there.

It can display light and straightforward when lit up from inside, permitting looks of the workers of the building and to the city and mountains past.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

72 Screens

Created in uniquely collapsed planes of punctured screens, this 6 level office building makes a sculptural nearness.

The building is situated in the city of Jaipur in India which has a deserted area with normal temperatures going from 30 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius through the majority of the year. The building is designed in light of the exorbitant warmth soaking up customary components.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

Dear Ginza Building Project

The owner wanted the building to be a dazzling presence. Moreover, the planner wanted to give a ‘slight sentiment of weirdness’ to the bystanders that would draw in them to the building.

Considering the perspectives from inside, just acquiring transparency with glass that appears to be pointless, since the outside view is amazing. In this way, a twofold skin structure is utilized, which comprises of glass curtain walls and graphically treated aluminum punched metal.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

Siemens Middle East Headquarters

Sheppard Robson’s designed for Siemens’ headquarters at MasdarCity has built up another model for supportable office structures in the Middle East and is one of the main building in the district to accomplish LEED Platinum.

The design started with a basic and general aspiration: to boost productivity and manufacture more with less. The building envelope was imagined as a crate inside a case: an inward very protected, hermetically sealed exterior intended to lessen thermal conductivity and a lightweight aluminum outer shading framework which reduces sunlight based pick up while augmenting daylighting and perspectives from the building.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

The Capital

The Capital is the first in another age of Asian cognizant and Asian composed super vast modern business building that matches the requirements for present day commercial space with the cognizant endeavors to make a building that is environmentally friendly.

This equation of Asian sensitive matched with Western technological know how to makes a mix of this building yields a famous building that is a point of interest, but then executes as an intelligent green building that makes delicate and computerized spaces for the advantages of making a green healthy working space for all inside and for the piece of the city that the building sits.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

Huaxin Business Center

The site is situated at the west of Guilin street, with a green land at the south of its entrance. This Greenland possesses 6 old camphor trees and opens to the urban primary road.

The architects raised the fundamental body of the building straight up to the second floor in order to expand the open green space on the ground and built up a cozy and intelligent association with 6 trees while covering them.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

Meier Road Barn

The project brief was simple enough that is giving huge adaptable spaces that could be utilized to store workspaces, cultivate gear, collectibles, and an art studio. Utilizing the barn classification that had a moment offering with regards to the contiguous barns.

Hope you got a perfect small office building design ideas for working area. To get more news regarding building structures which are built with seamless technology, consider visiting Architectures Ideas and explore thing of your desire.

8 Best Modern Building Design Ideas For Office

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